Launch your product in weeks,
not months
You don't need months and a full tech team to build a working product
What we do
MVP for startups

Your Minimum Viable Product is essential to validate your business idea and collect real-world feedback.

With validated data (a.k.a. traction) it will be easier for you to demonstrate product market fit and raise money from investors.

By using Low-Code technologies, we are able to help startups who have a budget of € 10 k to 30 k for their first MVP development.

Process automation

By digitalizing and automating your processes you can dramatically improve your productivity.

We design and develop a management software tailored around your business processes and, by using Low-Code technologies, we do it in weeks and with a budget as low as 8.000€.

How we do it

Lateral Studio is a software development company specialized in creating tailored solution for startups and companies in as little as 2-6 weeks. We do this by combining our cross-functional expertise in strategy, design and technology with the versatility of Low-Code & No-Code tools that allow us to be lightning fast.

Our methodology
Discovery call

Schedule a discovery call and tell us about you project. We will better describe you how we work and what we can build to determine whether Lateral Studio is a fit for your project.

Workshop and analysis

We will start with a 3-hour workshop, either in-person or remotely, where we will analyze the current state of your project and define together the KPIs and business goals of the project.

Within the same week, we will proceed independently with the design of a technological solution and the definition of a concrete roadmap that gives you a better estimate of the development timelines and costs.

Development sprints

Each sprint is a rapid 5-working-day iteration in which our team will be focused on your product.

The sprints will have a fixed and guaranteed price based on the set of objectives that we will define together during the analysis and before each sprint.

Launch your product!

Now that your product is ready, test it with real users to evaluate its performance according to the KPIs we have set during the workshop.

Don't worry, we won't abandon you!
We remain available for new developmental or maintenance sprints.

Discover our process in detail in our dedicated blog post
Built in weeks, not months

We have worked with many companies and startups over the past 5 years and know how difficult it is to decide what to do and not do within the first version of a product with a limited budget.

Leveraging our experience, we will challenge your technical requirements and help you define a roadmap that ensures we don't waste time on unnecessary work.

Once the requirements are clear and shared, we will design and develop your product, preferring the use of existing no-code and low-code services over the creation of custom solutions to reduce time and costs.

Our approach allows us to drastically reduce development times and increase the reliability of the final product.

Reefilla: an electric FIAT 500 being charged with reefilla's technology

How Reefilla launched a new EV charging service in 2 weeks

“We engaged Francesco from Lateral Studio a few months after opening our business. In a few short weeks, we were able to launch our MVP to test and validate the market. We found a very helpful partner in Lateral, from both the technical and strategic standpoint. Their results-oriented and flexible approach were great to work with.”

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Pietro Balda

Co-Founder of Reefilla
Hacking Talents logo

How Hacking Talents creates human connections through No-Code

“As a startup, we needed solid support on the creation of our first MVP to test the market and traction of our vision. Lateral Studio influenced our decisions related to tech investments and product, optimizing our resources and helping us focus on what we do best: humans at work.”

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Federica Pasini

CEO & Co-Founder of Hacking Talents
Let's find out if we're the right company for the job
Tell us about your project and let's set up a complimentary, no-obligation discovery call together with Francesco, the founder of Lateral Studio.

Hi, I'm Francesco and I'm the founder of Lateral.

I've been in the product development ecosystem for more than 10 years as a developer first and entrepreneur later.
I started Lateral Studio because it was impossible for startups and companies without a tech team to launch new products quickly.

I'm looking forward to meeting you and seeing how I can help!

Francesco Cioria, founder of Lateral Studio

Francesco Cioria

Founder of Lateral Studio