How Hacking Talents creates human connections through No-Code

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Who is Hacking Talents? 

Hacking Talents is a digital platform that helps organizations unleash their employees' potential, leadership and engagement through a digital matching platform. Founded by Federica Pasini, Nabila Lorini and Teresa Baldini in Milano, they were already up and running when they reached out to Lateral Studio.

The Hacking Talents challenge

At the time, Hacking Talents was already collecting traction from the market with hundreds of users and dozens of coaches and comunication experts.

Even though the founders managed to build a basic CRM with No-Code (using Airtable, one of our favorite tools to build databases), their implementation required lots of manual work, which consequently was prone to errors and typos. 

It was evident to the founding team that the current system wasn’t fit to collect the sort of timely feedback, structured data and client journey that they needed to improve their business and the user experience.

Specifically, customer feedback was independently collected by each coach in different formats at different times, and the progress of their customer journey was updated manually by the Hacking Talents team. 

Hacking Talents & Lateral Studio

Strategic Workshop

We began the workshop with a few possible solutions in mind. Do we develop client portal? Do we create a custom CRM that the coaches can use? Do we improve the existing No-Code solution?

After a few exercises led by our Strategy Advisor, we all agreed that the priority was to streamline, structure and automatize their processes.

We needed to make it happen quickly while building a solution that could support Hacking Talents in the medium term and be managed by their team.

For these reasons, we decided to work directly on their No-Code CRM and evolve it in an all-round management solution.

1 sprint later…

Thanks to our cross-functional experience in digital businesses, design and technology and to our Low-Code expertise, we were able to create a solution in a single week.

We directly impacted the business of Hacking Talents with these major improvements:

This is what Federica Pasini said about working with us: 

“As a startup, we needed solid support on the creation of our first MVP to test the market and traction of our vision. Lateral Studio influenced our decisions related to tech investments and product, optimizing our resources and helping us focus on what we do best: humans at work.”

Federica Pasini, CEO & co-founder

Budget: €4000

Team: product manager, Low-Code developer

Number of sprints: 1