What’s the difference between Lateral Studio and other software houses?

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Choosing is overwhelming. And being overwhelmed leads to a drawn-out decision process that can end badly. So, we want to help you make the right decision when choosing your MVP development partner by explaining what the difference is between Lateral Studio and other software houses. 


Traditional software houses use a “time&materials” contract, which means the longer and more complex the project - the higher the bill. If any mistakes are made that delay the timeline, you’re paying for it. If any changes need to be made, you’re paying for it. If you want to stop the project halfway, you’re left with nothing (except for the bill). 

We instead charge per “sprint” which is our 1-week unit. Each sprint has a goal that is agreed on together. If it takes us longer to reach the goal, you pay the same. At the end of each week, you have an MVP you can actually use. Every week, you renew your decision to keep working with us in exactly the direction that you want to take. 


Speed is connected to the business model. Software houses aren’t particularly incentivized to be fast because the longer a project takes, the more they get paid. At Lateral Studio, we focus on speed because we know how much that matters to you. 

Thanks to our experience, expertise and choosing the latest Low-code technologies, we can develop functioning products in 1-4 weeks.


Software houses are usually bigger, and they have an extended team. To pay for it, there are usually multiple projects happening at the same time. So you might have a designer who’s spending the morning on Project A, an hour on Project B, and 2,5 hours on yours. 

At Lateral Studio, we know how important flow is to great work. An MVP requires concentration, and we feel it wouldn’t be fair to divide our energy among 8 clients in the same week. We work strictly on one project at a time, so all of our creativity and brain power goes into your MVP. 


When you work with a software house, every time you want to change a text or the color of a button, you’ll receive a new “change request” and a new bill. It’s very hard, almost impossible, for you as a co-founder to understand how your product is built and consequently to edit it. Simply put: you’re joined at the hip with your service provider, so pray it’s one you love working with!

With Lateral Studio, we don’t even offer an “ongoing maintenance plan”. This is because you are not just allowed but actively incentisivised to take ownership of the product yourself. You can make edits to texts and colors on your own, with the same skills you use on PowerPoint. In the long run, this saves you money but most importantly time (and your sanity). 

We hope that this brief overview helped you understand how we are different from other organizations. If you have any questions, please browse our FAQ page or reach out to info@lateralstudio.it and we’ll be happy to help.